April 20, 2024



Best Places to Visit in Goa for Youngsters

Goa is a potent mixture of excitement and amusement that is difficult to resist. The locale boasts remarkable coastlines, lively flea markets, thrilling aquatic activities, fine dining establishments, and lively nightclubs and pubs, all of which contribute to the lively atmosphere. Undoubtedly, the location attracts youthful people more than anything else. Additionally, neither a season nor a purpose is necessary to visit the party capital of the nation. Simply reserve your self drive car in Goa and prepare to embark on an adventure in the land of sand, sun and surf.

  • Grande Island (For Scuba Diving)

Entranced by the Arabian Sea’s azure waters on all sides, Grande Island emanates an aura of mystique. However, this island offers much more than its natural grandeur. Spoiled for adventure? You will be pleased to learn that Grande Island is the location of scuba diving. Even if you are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of scuba diving, there are numerous agencies that provide the necessary equipment for novices to appreciate the sport. You are certain to have an exhilarating time, thanks to the utilization of international-standard safety apparatus and the assistance of knowledgeable instructors.

  • Saturday night market in Arpora

An experience of Saturday enjoyment is transformed when one visits the Arpora night market. Taking place every Saturday evening, this market area is a lively environment for shopping, dining, viewing live performances, socializing with friends, and simply absorbing the atmosphere.

  • Bogmalo Beach (For Snorkeling)

Do you find the exotic underwater world, which conceals so many aquatic marvels, to be quite captivating? One potential excursion is to the profound blue depths, where one may marvel at the exquisite corals while colorful fish and a lobster emerge from beneath a boulder on the seabed. To gain access to all of the aforementioned and more, visit Bogmalo Beach and partake in some snorkeling. This shore is among the most ideal locations in Goa for observing the magnificence and wonder of marine life. It is advisable to hire self drive car rental in Goa for comfortable travelling. 

  • Mobor Beach (For Knee boarding)

Certain individuals may lack the enthusiasm to participate in high-risk, daring activities, particularly when on vacation. Should you belong to this demographic and are interested in experiencing the exhilaration of water sports, knee boarding would be an ideal activity for you. In addition, Mobor Beach, a tranquil location in South Goa, is a popular place for knee boarding. Knee-boarding ability and eagerness are sufficient to appreciate this activity.

  • Saturday Night Bazaar at Mackie’s

Baga Night Market, alternatively referred to as Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar, is an equally captivating site to investigate during your sojourn in Goa. Guests of this weekly market have the opportunity to indulge in Goan delicacies, purchase souvenirs, and more. They can accomplish all of the above and more. Among its primary attractions are the live performances that are occurring here. Do not lose out on them.

  • Anjuna Beach Flea Market

Visiting the vibrant Anjuna Beach retail market is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable activities in Goa for children. Every Wednesday, this market is bustling with an assortment of trinkets, mementos, garbage jewelry, beachwear, footwear, and handbags, among other items. Even more advantageous is the fact that you can purchase all of these and more at throwaway prices. And once you have finished  shopping, you can either refuel at one of the numerous restaurants that line the shore or take in one of the frequent live music shows that occur here.

  • Mollem National Park

Mollem National Park serves as the central region of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and is a lesser-known destination for trekking. Exploring this national park on foot may prove to be an enriching endeavor in and of itself. The primary draw of this park is its jungle excursion, which provides a guided tour through the dense forest, affording opportunities to observe wildlife in close proximity.

Goa captivates people in many ways, but it especially enthralls young people. There’s always something new to learn and experience here, regardless of how many trips you take. So go ahead and allow Goa’s myriad attractions and seductive allure to enchant you. You can book your car rental at Goa airport from reliable company like Fast Rental Goa.