April 13, 2024



How does Instagram work? Tips and good practices for Your Brand

All social networks have their manual of suitable methods and advanced techniques to optimize the performance of our accounts. And here, Instagram is no exception. 

So, to become a successful Instagram, you have to know perfectly how this platform works and how we can improve our strategies, both about users and their algorithm for visibility and positioning of our content within they

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1º » Optimize and correctly configure your account

The first step to achieving a solid presence is configuring the account. We already talked in this blog about how to choose the name and logo and complete the description and the URL, the only one we can put as a link throughout Instagram.

An incomplete account does not convey good feelings and generates a lot of trust. Whether we have just started publishing or have been a few weeks or months, it does not matter.

2º » Quality, above all

A visual channel like this must have perfect images and videos. Show things they like; if you don’t like them, don’t share them. Growing an account takes time and is only achieved if you post high-quality content.

The important thing is to communicate effectively with each publication; then, we will receive feedback from the public and generate more engagement. What he likes the most are good photographs. So think before you post your next image. You are always in time to correct the course later, and you will see how the likes and comments come naturally.

In this sense, I opt for uploading creatives of more than one image, dividing the space provided by the social network into 2, 3, or even 4 parts, and sharing a collage as a summary of events I attend or classes I teach.

3º » Tell a story

Use Storytelling. A strategy that works on Instagram is to tell what happens behind closed doors in a business since it brings closeness, builds loyalty, empathizes, and humanizes your Brand.

It is about showing the day-to-day, even when working, cleaning, and collecting. Didn’t you do work in your business, or was everything “upside down” at first?

4º » The correct use of hashtags on Instagram

From my own experience managing my account, I recommend you use hashtags in 2 ways:

  • If we are starting, use more. You can put up to 30 maximum for each publication, although reaching figures close to that seems unnecessary and can be seen as spam.
  • If we are already growing, gradually reduce the number until you manage between 3 and 10 per publication, choosing only those that most define your Brand or specialty.

Using hashtags properly is essential, and there are several good practices for it.

5º » Comments on Instagram

In all social networks, you have two options: either stay in your account, post, and manage interactions and positions, or also participate in other communities, comment, and like other content that you like. This is an excellent way to grow your account and the key to how Instagram works.

There are many published contents every day. It is up to us to select the ones that we like or those that come from the accounts that we see doing well and with which we can be generous and distribute likes and comment on their photos from time to time.

6º » The different types of searches on Instagram

When discussing how Instagram works, we must include an exciting functionality or option, such as searches.

What can we do about it?

  • Search by Featured: Find featured accounts, hashtags, and locations related to a term.
  • Search by accounts: we write the name and get the profiles that include that term in your account.
  • Search by hashtags: handy to see which hashtags appear by theme. Is there a community of tigers in Cantabria? Which hashtags are best by reaching for #bn (black and white) photos? There are many options to exploit.
  • Search by places: How many public people are from a specific physical business? We can thus track what content is about our business in the comments.

7º » You can activate notifications of new publications

There are accounts we want to follow regularly without failing to see any of the content they have published, as is the case of other professionals who are very similar to our specialty, of whom we do not want to miss anything.

Well, for this, we also have an option on IG.

How do I activate notifications on my Instagram account?

  • Very easy; follow these simple steps:
  • Enter the account in question.
  • Look for the ” Following ” button (you must follow this account first) and click on it to display it.
  • Enter the ” Notifications ” option.

There you will see how it gives you a choice between publications, stories, IGTV, and live videos, which are the 4 types of content you can receive a notification when this account publishes.

8º » Tagging is recommended (although without spamming)

As also happens in other social networks, we can tag other users with whom we appear to notify them indirectly about a publication where they appear. This practice should not be done lightly since you risk being reported as a spammer, in case you draw direct attention. It should be done in moderation and with common sense.

9º » Create your style

The most important thing to stand out is to create your style, which works very well on Instagram, especially if you intend to use it professionally. You must be comfortable with it, and it must come out naturally.

We will edit the photographs in a way that combines the effectiveness and quality of the content so that it stands out on the timeline and attracts attention when a user searches by hashtags or accounts. We all portray what we see personally, and your Brand should do the same.

10º » On Instagram, people should be the protagonists

It happens that the publications have good reach if, from time to time, you put one or several people in them. This is an excellent practice for fashion brands, for example, restaurants. It is as simple as showing the clothes on a model or showing how a client enjoys his favorite place.

There are many possibilities, as many Brands that are doing it well. As always, we will seek to learn from the best.

For example, try as much as possible to give the maximum prominence to the students since they are the ones who make this type of business potential, and we are happy to know that little by little, they are prospering professionally.

11º » Use videos in your brand strategy

For several years now, video has been one of the star content on the Internet. And on this visual platform, it couldn’t be different.

On Instagram, you can use IGTV, which allows you to upload videos up to an hour long. But the ones that usually work best are those that last less than a minute and that you can upload directly to your profile as a regular publication.


Understanding how Instagram works and giving it a professional use for your Brand is vital to elevate your Social Media strategy to the top. This platform has a lot of potential for companies, whatever their sector, both in organic and advertising issues.

But, for the future, the key is still interacting and publishing with quality. The two pillars to organically grow your account on this network effectively and constantly are: publish quality content regularly and publish it well. In this way, you have guaranteed growth.

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