April 22, 2024



Types of Paid Advertising That Will Grow Your Business

Paid Advertising

There are many ways to sell our products and reach our customers. One of them is paid advertising, a PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy, which allows us to quickly achieve our goals and grow our business.

Advertising has become a faithful strategy to promote and sell our products or services. This technique has provided a huge contribution to the increase of leads for each business.

Therefore, it is important that you know the most used types of paid advertising that will grow your business, and that will allow you to reach your potential customers.


Google Ads Search

Have you noticed that when you search for, for example, a cafe, some ads appear in the first search positions? These are Google Ads search ads. They are the most common and allow users to click quickly and thus take advantage of the competition.

For these types of ads, you need to set up the campaign with keywords and store location for PPC ads to be effective and meet your goal.


Ads on the Google Ads Display Network

Unlike search ads, these are visible through images, videos, and texts, that is, they are more attractive to people who encounter this type of paid advertising. Thus, interested people can reach your website more easily.

To set up this type of ad, the ads must appear on web pages where the content is similar to the product or service you are presenting to attract potential customers.


Social media ads

Currently, social networks are controlling the world of digital marketing, since brands want to promote their products and services on them. Many popular social networks for digital marketing are becoming effective in reaching your potential customers.

To do this, remember that you must develop a Social Media plan to have better results.

To configure advertising campaigns on social networks, it is important to direct them based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and any aspect that helps us learn more about our users.


Remarketing ads

These types of ads will help your users and potential customers to consider the idea of ​​purchasing your products or services.

Many times, the client is in doubt about betting on your business and your products or going for another brand. That’s why remarketing ads are perfect for re-engaging your audience.

Remember that this strategy works so that users are more interested in products or services that they previously saw on your website, but for some reason, they did not decide to carry out any purchase action.


Google Shopping ads

These are the advertisements that appear on Google in the form of a carousel and that show you a series of products of interest. In addition, it allows users to see them and know the prices before entering the website.


Local Service Announcements

This type of paid advertising is only available to some countries like the United States and certain types of local businesses to improve the quality of life of people who are close to these businesses.

When they appear in Google search, users will be able to see the rating of your company, and thus decide to purchase your service.


Sponsored advertising in Gmail

We do not doubt that email marketing strategies are effective, but sponsored advertising in Gmail can reach our potential customers and it goes directly to their inbox.

Thanks to Google Ads, you can configure these types of ads, but you must take three fundamental points to make them work: goals, targeting, and types of campaigns.

Remember that users will receive sponsored advertising if they have previously been interested in your products or services.


In-Stream Ads

You’ve probably seen these types of ads more than once while watching a video on YouTube. These usually appear at the beginning, middle, or end of your videos. To configure this type of advertising, it is necessary to know your daily budget and the dates of your campaign.

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