April 20, 2024



What to Do if the Camera Lens is Dirty?

In the process of daily use of the camera, how do we clean and maintain our lens so that the lens can “live longer”? What methods should be used to properly handle the lens so that it becomes as clean as ever? Let us learn together, let’s act together.


  1. The most useless point is to reduce the intimacy between the fingers and the camera, no communication is best!
  2. .Wrap your beloved lens into a 360-degree without dead angle, buy a good front and rear cover (usually standard, buy it immediately if it is missing), hood (the key to life-saving when the lens falls vertically), UV protection filter (a good filter does not Affect the feeling of taking pictures, and can prevent scratches and dust on the lens);
  3. When using in a windy and sandy environment, put the camera into the camera bag immediately after shooting, and cover the lens cap or install a UV filter in time to protect the lens when not in use. (Take care of the camera and don’t be lazy)
  4. When shooting in snowy weather, please warm up before taking pictures (an inevitable problem for any machine when changing the environment); second, the standard battery pack of some cameras can be placed in the pocket, and then connected to the camera through a cable. Keep the battery warm. If your camera can’t do that, warm up the battery beforehand. eBay Discount Code NHS
  5. The inside of the lens is moldy, so it needs to be sent to a professional store for cleaning immediately. Handling it by yourself will easily cause damage to the lens. If you are inexperienced, don’t be brave; if there is mold on the outside of the lens.
  6. If there are many molds, soak in hydrogen peroxide for half a minute (take it out as soon as possible), and then wipe it with anhydrous alcohol wipes or cotton cloth (the kind used for mobile phone screens is also acceptable)


  • The camera lens is very fragile, we must be careful to protect it during use.

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How to open a Thermos Cup

  1. Soak the thermos cup in hot water first, and when the water in the thermos cup heats up, it will be easy to open as soon as the volume expands.
  2. You can put the cup in the refrigerator, take it out and soak it in hot water to open it
  3. Use a spoon or something to gently pry between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap of the thermos cup to let air in and it will be easy to open.

True and false identification of mug bear thermos cup

To identify the true and false of the mug bear vacuum cup, friends who are not clear can take a look, I hope it will be helpful to you, the steps are as follows


  1. Look at the appearance of the thermos cup, whether the trademark text is clear or not.
  2. Whether the mouth of the cup is smooth and whether the body of the cup is deformed.
  3. The real cup bear comes with 6 exquisite accessories: 8-page instruction manual, cup bear stickers, cup bear postcard, Korean original price tag, cup holder, spring shame genuine packaging box, and packaging bag.
  4. Fake Weicai cup bear features: the color of the cup lid is wrong, the design of the cup body is not in place, there is a big gap at the bottom, and the paint is peeling off.

The difference between a stewing beaker and a thermos cup

The Difference

The stewing beaker can put food in the cup. With the special heat preservation function, the food will be cooked after a period of smouldering. It is a convenient and practical cooking product.

The thermos cup is generally a water container made of ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer. There is a cover on the top and it is tightly sealed.

The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of the water and other liquids installed inside to achieve the purpose of heat preservation AO discount code NHS  at NHS Discount Code.

The Functions Are Different

The braised beaker is suitable for stewing at home. It is also convenient for office workers to bring their own meals or go outdoors.

The thermos cup is mainly used to hold drinking water. It can keep warm and cold, ensuring that everyone can drink warm water and cold water anytime, anywhere. Suitable for study, work and outdoor camping.

The principle of Heat Preservation.

Both the stewing beaker and the thermos cup have better heat preservation effect, but the stewing beaker is used for stewing food, and it generally has an automatic electric heating device.

The effect of the stewing beaker is much better than that of the thermos cup, and the thermos cup is purely for heat preservation. Many people find that thermos cups can also simmer food, but the simmering time is relatively long.

Production Design.

Stewed beaker and thermos cup are similar in production process, but there are differences in the design of the cup body, caliber and lid.

In order to achieve the best heat preservation effect, the mouth of the stewed beaker meets the needs of use. Down, as small as possible to ensure the effect of heat preservation and simmering.